Posted on Mon December 6, 2021.

What a day to calibrate the men and families that use the wooden boats for a living.

Last year 10 boats participate....

This year a grand total of 25 DHOWs competes, what an incredible event!!!!

Bemugi's Sunset deck is where client, lodge owners and locals join, in this calibration.

The stage and beach were packed. A lot of excitement in the air before the race while boats was lined up for inspection and selection. The sponsors select their dhow and take part in the grate race for the big price:

20,000mt / 10,000mt / 5000mt 

No dhow left empty handed... drinks / hats / T-shirts / cooldrink / Mt.

All to say thanks for each family that maid time to be part of this local tradition and  proud way of live

Moises and his band set the scene with good sound and song.

Bemugi , Atur and Paulo kept the action going with jokes, canoe race and cross country. 

             Dhow winners                            Canoe winners                                       Cross country 

1st          The Best                                    Carlos                                                      Josefa

2nd           Brazil                                      Tilingui                                                     Kelvin

3 rd             Fifi                                          Luis                                                       Wiliasse


Thanks to all the sponsors.

We do appreciate all of your efforts to make Santa Maria, Machangulo great with energy and willingness to make the tradition part of you.

See you all next year .... same Place - Bemugi's Sunset Deck

Dhow race video